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tattoo on hiking hammock

Sleeping In Hiking Hammocks

A hammock is a practical way in which you can be able to sleep while you are out backpacking. You need to choose a hammock that is made of strong materials as well as being light weight. One good material for making hiking hammocks is parachute nylon. These hammocks can be folded up in such […]

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teenage boy backpack

How to Choose Day Packs For Hiking

Day packs for hiking can range in size. They can be small enough to take for a day’s trek, or they may be large enough to take on a weekend hike. These day packs are designed such that the weight is mostly carried on your shoulders, and there are great designs that will provide you […]

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Pistachios for hikers trail mix

Are Pistachios In Your Healthy Trail Mix?

Whether you are on a day hike or a multiple day backpacking trip, it is important to have healthy snacks available. These snacks need to be portable, delicious, and nutritious. Fueling your body with healthy foods is important to keep your energy up especially when the sun is beating down. The antioxidants in pistachios help […]

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photographer on rocks

What Needs to be Packed for Your Backpacking Trip

One day you might have an idea to go backpacking. It is certainly one way to get rid of the stress you deal with everyday; a weekend to unwind and not think of your problems. Backpacking is an easy way to go around, be it for a hike or a quick tour of a city […]

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