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best hiking backpack

Best Hiking Backpack

There are many options that are available if you are looking for the best hiking backpack. The market for backpacks is quite competitive, so you need tips to be able to choose the best backpacks to suit your needs. There are a number of things that you will need to keep in mind when shopping […]

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gift ideas for outdoors hike

Gift Ideas for an Outdoors Lover

Finding gifts for people can be tricky. You always have to consider what they have, and what they need. Depending on their interests, this can be especially hard if you are not interested in their past time activities. Outdoorsman and adventurous friends can be hard if you are into fashion and cosmetics. Just think how […]

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mosquito bite

Insect Repellent – What You Need To Know

Nothing can disturb your pleasure of the great outdoors more than being pestered by myriads of mosquitos and other flying nasties. Not only is it unpleasant being bitten by these insects, the range of diseases carried by flying insects and ticks can include (depending upon the location you are travelling in) various internal organ damaging […]

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hiking gifts

Five Gifts for the Outdoorsman in your Life

Buying gifts for an outdoorsman can be a difficult proposition, especially if you are not one yourself. One major problem is that they probably already have all of the obvious essentials like a tent and backpack. An additional difficulty is that high-end gear can be very expensive. With this in mind, here are five unique […]

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camelbak outlaw daypack

Have You Ordered Your Hiking Gear Yet?

My CamelBak Uproar daypack recently purchased from A great way to purchase quality hiking gear and apparel at great prices is to take advantage of the flash sales at the member-only online shops that specialize in outdoor products. Two popular sites you need to check out are and Becoming a member at […]

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backpacking stove

Stoves for Backpacking Cooking

When you are on a hike, you can consider a stove for backpacking cooking. This will help you to boil water for making tea or coffee, as well as cooking a nice hot meal after a long day out on your trail. Having a stove in your back pack will add to the weight but […]

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tattoo on hiking hammock

Sleeping In Hiking Hammocks

A hammock is a practical way in which you can be able to sleep while you are out backpacking. You need to choose a hammock that is made of strong materials as well as being light weight. One good material for making hiking hammocks is parachute nylon. These hammocks can be folded up in such […]

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teenage boy backpack

How to Choose Day Packs For Hiking

Day packs for hiking can range in size. They can be small enough to take for a day’s trek, or they may be large enough to take on a weekend hike. These day packs are designed such that the weight is mostly carried on your shoulders, and there are great designs that will provide you […]

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Features You Should Look for in Hiking Stoves

Features You Should Look for in Hiking Stoves

When you are going for a short trek, a bar of chocolate or couple of protein bars will do well enough already. However, if you know that you will be staying for the whole weekend or even the whole week, you should definitely get one of those portable hiking stoves. Naturally, you need to look […]

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