The Best Food for Hiking

Food for the trail

Here are some hiking tips for getting the best out of your backpacking or nature trail. When you go hiking you will need to provide your body with constant energy, and there are a number of foods that you can try out. The best food for hiking is gorp, which is a combination of dried fruit, nuts, grains and at times chocolate can be included too. There are a number of recipes for gorp.

  • Simple Gorp – Consists of peanuts, popcorn, almonds, Reese’s pieces and M&M’s.
  • Tropical Gorp – Another recipe that you might try out by mixing dried coconut, peanuts, and pieces of dried pineapple, banana chips and macadamia nuts.
  • Super Crunch Gorp – Recipe you can also check out which is made by mixing granola, either in vanilla flavor or cinnamon, walnuts, peanut butter chocolate chips and dark or milk chocolate chips.
  • Spicy Asian Gorp – Rnother recipe that you may try out and this is made by mixing sesame sticks, rice crackers, wasabi peas and peanuts or even cashew nuts and dried mango pieces.
  • Healthy Gorp – Recipe consisting of any flavor of granola, almonds, dried berries such as strawberries, blueberries or even both, and raisins that have been covered with yogurt.

It does not matter what the ingredients are that you decide to mix, but you should try and include dried fruit because it is nutritious. It does matter that you mix foods you like to eat. It is also wise to pack just enough food because you may find yourself weighed down by your backpack. When packing food you should keep in mind the duration in which you will be out hiking.

Dried foods are the best to carry because they will not spoil. You can carry meat, but only if you plan to eat it on the first day of the hike. If you love to cook you can carry things to cook on an open fire. A great idea is to carry foods that require you to boil them and these foods may be like pasta or pouch meals that have been freeze dried.

When packing, the best food for hiking is one that you can buy from your local grocery as this will save you some money. Meals that have been freeze dried are some of the best that you can carry because they are light, not too bulky, and they can be prepared within minutes. However, some of these foods may be expensive and you will need to come up with a budget.

Once you have decided on the food that you will carry on your hike, you will need to know how to store it while on the trail. The most popular method that is currently in use is to hang a bear bag. This is where you hang your food bag on top a tree to prevent wild animals from getting access to it. The bear bag should be hung at least twelve feet from the ground and ten feet from the tree trunk.

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4 Responses to “The Best Food for Hiking”

  1. i never do hiking before but i really appreciate your post in a case i do so in the future. these foods will be also useful for a normal day before going to work! 🙂

  2. Don’t forget to bring lemon because this will sustain you on a long trek uphill. Slice it into a few easy to squeeze size then if you are out of breath and resting, put a few drops to restore your energy. It’s proven!

  3. Some fantastic hiking foods here but I’m most blown away by the comment above me re:lemon restoring your energy on long hikes! I’ve never, ever heard that before! This site just keeps teachning me more and more! 😛

  4. The best hiking food is lightweight tasty and calorie-packed. Each meal type is different. Lunch is usually heavier, more bulky, high energy and dinners are typically dehydrated so they are lighter.