Gift Ideas for an Outdoors Lover

trees-and-dunesFinding gifts for people can be tricky. You always have to consider what they have, and what they need. Depending on their interests, this can be especially hard if you are not interested in their past time activities. Outdoorsman and adventurous friends can be hard if you are into fashion and cosmetics. Just think how hard it is for them to pick out a gift for you! Use these ideas for their next birthday gift, Christmas gift or just because.

Sleeping Bag

If your adventurous loved one is constantly out in the wilderness, chances are he will eventually need new gear. A sleeping bag can only be washed so many times before it gets tattered. Research the ultimate sleeping bag for your loved one. Make sure it’s waterproof and holds in heat for the colder nights. He will likely be impressed with your choice of product. You can even to put out the offer to snuggle in it that night to ‘break it in.’ Chances are he won’t turn down an opportunity to be close with you.

Filtered Water Bottle

A filtered water bottle can be handy for the both of you. So while you buy one for him, get one for yourself while you are out shopping. He can use this as a back-up for the water he brings, or as his main source of hydration. If he happens to get lost while hiking, it will enable him to drink water safely from a nearby source, like a lake or stream. Even if he isn’t hiking or if you are not hiking, you can use it for the gym or while you are on the go. Some places don’t have filtered water, and the water bottle will improve the quality of the water you are drinking.

Hiking Boots

Like sleeping bags, hiking boots get a lot of use. Hiking boots are used in all sorts of weather conditions. As tough as the boots are, sometimes they need to be replaced. The last thing a hiker wants is to have the boots fall apart in the middle of a trail.

Research boots a sporting goods stores and read reviews online to find the most dependable and durable boots. Also, make sure you know the size of your loved one’s shoes, or else he may have to return them for the correct size. Your loved one will be sure to thank you, along with his feet.

Mary Richardson is a freelance writer that has a passion for shopping and green practices. She encourages her readers to buy green products, and one of her biggest ventures is minimizing plastic water bottles in landfills. She recently invested in bag filters to save both money and the environment.

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11 Responses to “Gift Ideas for an Outdoors Lover”

  1. Great ideas! I definitely will but some of these things when I go next time to a birthday. πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  2. Hey these are great gift options for people who love outdoor activities. This is quite a unique gift idea and surely would be treasured. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I’m sure anyone who loves the great outdoors would cherish this. I’m fond of hiking myself, and a new pair of boots can always bring a huge smile to my face! Thanks for sharing.

  4. The water bottle with filter is an amazing gift. It is also good for the environment as one can save a lot of plastic bottles that are already cluttering our filled landfills. Thanks for the share.

  5. A filtered water bottle is a great option for hiking because it saves you sooooo much weight. If you are going for a 5 day hike, think of what you could pack instead of water!

  6. Wow!! Thanks for these great gift ideas. I have a few friends who would love any of these.

  7. These are indeed the most unheard and unique gifting ideas. Thanks for this post, I got a fair idea about what I should gift to a friend who is in love with outdoors.

  8. Thanks for sharing these important pointers, hiking is such an exciting way to get fit and I can’t wait to go on another trip!

  9. These are really great tips. I like it. This is quite a unique gift idea and surely would be treasured. I got a fair idea about what I should gift to a friend who is in love with outdoors.

  10. Hiking is such a great way to be one with nature and bask in its glory. Awesome tips! Thanks!

  11. Filtered Water Bottle is really a great idea! It’s very handy, a space saver (not to mention the weight) when you go on a hiking!