A Guide To Hiking In The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains National Park is a bushwalker’s paradise. Here you’ll find walks that work with any level of fitness – you don’t really have to be an expert bushwalker to experience the Blue Mountains! Blue Mountain’s hiking trails have been put in place as early as 1825, and each trail has significance. Use the following guidelines to do the Blue Mountains hike properly.

Where To Begin

Be sure to visit the Visitor’s Center for topographic maps for the mountain areas where you plan to work. Note that the climatic conditions in the Blue Mountains Park differ from the climate outside, because of its unique ecosystem. Ask for information on average climate in the park and keep an eye on the clouds. Walk softly on the tread so you don’t slip on wet mud or grass. Be sure to thoroughly read the general safety information guidelines provided in the Visitor’s Center. Also ask for a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) so that you can be easily found if you’re lost.

Beginners’ Routes

  • Return From Carington Park To Bridal Veil Lookout: This circuitry walk takes you to the western side of the Leura Cascades. You not only get to enjoy the spectacular views from the Bridal Veil Lookout, but also enjoy a great walk on a relatively easy trail. This lookout is just a short distance from Katoomba, where you can try a few more easy walks.
  • Carington Park to BurraBarroo Lookout: This short walk ends along the Prince Henry cliff walk, on the way to the BurraBarroo Lookout. From the Lookout, you can enjoy the fabulous views across the Leura Forest and Jamison valley. It’s a good, short walk that offers excitement and great views for the beginner.
  • Return From Carington Park To Leura Forest: Take this short walk from Carrington Park to the Leura Forest valley. Leura Forest is a lovely little picnic area including tables, seats and shelter. Relax here after your walk with a picnic basket, explore the forest and climb back up the valley.

The Best Views Routes

  • Blackheath: This is a great area for grand views over the Grose and Megalong valleys. You’ll find a good variety of walks here.
  • Fairfax Heritage: This track begins at the Visitor Centre. It’s an easy track and a good one to opt for if you’re a beginner. It’s also wheelchair-accessible. You can get some really spectacular views on this track, as there are many walks that go through valleys with varying landscapes.
  • Bridal Veil View and Olympian Lookout Walk: This is a fairly short, circuitry walk that affords great views. You will be visiting 3 important lookouts, the Bridal Veil View, Tarpeian Lookout and the Olympian Lookout. All three are perched high on the cliffs, which means fabulous 360 degree views all around.
  • Dardenelles Pass Bushwalking Track: If you want to explore the cliff line of Echo Point in Katoomba, take this walk. You’ll be starting and finishing at Echo Point, passing the Three Sisters and heading down the steep Giant Staircase. The views along Dardenelles Pass is beyond compare, as you’ll be passing through many areas of rainforest.

The Highly-Skilled Only Routes

  • Narrow Neck to Taro’s Ladder: This track requires great skill and fitness levels, especially when you climb down from Taro’s ladder. The steps are smooth and worn and you have to exercise great caution. You’ll get great views of the Jamison Valley and of Mount Solitary on this track.
  • Katoomba And Leura Walking Tracks: Take these walks to get a lowdown on the extensive mining activities here before the Blue Mountains were declared a protected area. These tracks follow the natural landscape along cliff tops, peering down at canyons and gullies and offering glimpses of verdant valley floors. You’ll have to be very fit to deal with the steep stairs and steps on this trail. However, there are shorter walks around this area as well.
  • Cox’s River Return Via Dunphy’s Campsite Bushwalking Track: Take this tough, three-day descending walk from Katoomba to the Megalong Valley. You’ll be walking off track for the most part, and will have to navigate steep terrain, remote areas and cliff passes. The spectacular views over the Cox’s River and Katoomba cliffs will make up for the challenges though.

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