How to Climb Mountains – Top Tips to Make Sure You Make it Up and Down in One Piece

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If you are going to another country with the intention of travelling and exploring rather than just relaxing and being a tourist, then climbing or trekking up a mountain is one of the best ways to do this and to really get an adventure out of your stay. It’s a chance to get some fantastic pictures, to do something that many people won’t have done, and to test your fitness and your balance.

Of course though it’s also potentially a dangerous activity and one that could get you into trouble if you get lost, slip and hurt yourself, or don’t take the right tools and resources with you. Here we will look at some top tips for making sure your mountain trek goes well and that you get up and back down without incident.


Before you go it is a good idea to do a lot of research regarding precisely where you will be climbing and the route you are going to want to take. You don’t want to be using guess work on the way up as you could end up lost, and if you know where you’re going before hand then you can print out a map that will at least help guide you. This way you can also roughly estimate how far you are going to be walking which will allow you to plan in terms of timescale and what time you should leave/set off.

Give a copy of this route you will be taking to someone who is not coming on the climb with you too. This is a good move as it will mean they know precisely where to look for you if you go missing and they should be able to estimate even how far around the walk you made it.

At the same time you should prepare in terms of what you are taking and what you are going to wear. Basic first aid and food supplies (freeze dried foods are light and won’t deteriorate) are essential for ensuring that you don’t get lost and end up going hungry, and for treating any injuries as quickly as possible. A phone with GPS, a knife and a lighter all also come in useful.

Meanwhile you need to dress in a way that uses layers so that you can stay light and cool when necessary, but can also wrap up warm when you get higher up and into the thinner air. As well as the cold though you also need to prepare for the very hot – i.e. the sun- and taking a hat to avoid heat stroke or sunburn is another absolute must. Likewise you need to think about your shoes, which should ideally be steel-capped and waterproof with support for the ankles.


When you begin climbing tip number one is to set off as early as you possibly can in order to give yourself the maximum time and the maximum amount of daylight before it starts getting dark. Even if you leave plenty of time, you never know when you might get lost so leave the lie ins for the rest of your holiday.

Another reason to leave lots of time is so that you can go slowly. Move slowly and you will be less likely to slip and fall, and less likely to over exert yourself. Make sure to also keep a close eye on the floor as you walk and to look out for roots and other trip hazards. Take a diagonal route and zig zag when coming down steep gradients as this can help you to avoid gaining too much speed, and you can also use the trees to avoid slipping too far – by making sure there is always one just in front of you to break your fall and by holding on to branches as you come down to help you balance.

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5 Responses to “How to Climb Mountains – Top Tips to Make Sure You Make it Up and Down in One Piece”

  1. I hope someday I can manage to climb mountains with my friends and hubby. This will be like conquering fear and reaching goals.

  2. I’ve climbed a mountain once and it was definitely an experience of a lifetime, it’s very important to come equipped and well-prepared for anything. Thanks for the insightful tips!

  3. I’m definitely not a hiking type of person but with the up-coming climb our office has planned, I have to at least prepare myself. Thank you for your tips, this will definitely help me.

  4. I am definitely acrophobic, looking over the railings from a second story balcony makes me sick. But I’d have to suck it up just to join my husband on this hiking trip he’s planned. Thank you for listing down all the what-to-dos it’ll definitely help me. Hopefully I’ll be back in one piece!

  5. The title caught my attention big time. I dream of climbing a mountain for so long; however, I still need to collect more guts. I will know all these tips by heart when I finally decided to climb a mountain so I can go home safely. Thank you so much! This is such a great help.