The 5 Most Extravagant Outdoorsy Gifts

Buying a gift for someone who loves the outdoors is not as easy as it sounds—most people have their own favorite brands, and choosing gear is often a personal preference. Instead of trying to wade your way through unfamiliar equipment, take a cue from some recent outdoorsy gifts that made headlines. From pricey pooches to a private island, here are a few of the most luxurious and extravagant gifts around, with some ideas to inspire your own holiday giving.

    • Sir Lancelot Encore:A Florida couple gave themselves the gift of man’s best friend—with a reported $155 thousand dollar price tag. Yellow Labrador Retrievers are known for their robust health, friendly temperament and love of anything outdoors, making them an ideal companion for camping, fishing or backpacking. They are great dogs—but what made Sir Lancelot Encore unique was his very lack of uniqueness. Sir Lancelot the second is a clone of the family’s first beloved companion – and this duplication is what triggered the hefty price tag.Make it yours: A Labrador Retriever from even a top breeder will set you back only a small fraction of Sir Lancelot’s hefty price tag, leaving you plenty of cash left over for fun gear like doggy snowboots or backpacks.
    • 25 foot speedboat, gifted to Tony Romo by Jessica SimpsonSimpson purchased the $100,000 25 foot, 450 horsepower speedboat for now ex-boyfriend Tony Romo in April 2011. This boat is designed for speed—so racing, waterskiing and even parasailing may be in the works for the NFL star this year.Make it yours: You may not be able to give a vehicle of any type—let alone one that sets you back 100 grand, but you can charter a similar boat for a much more reasonable price. Small power boats suitable for fishing or island exploration start at about $100/ day in popular boating areas like the Florida Keys . For something more exotic, consider chartering a sailboat in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, starting at about $400/ day.
    • Madone “Butterfly” BicycleThe most expensive bicycle at the Bikes of Stagesauction, this $500,000 number is not for the animal lover. Artist Damien Hirst decorated the bike in honor of Lance Armstrong’s return to cycling, adorning a Trek Madone with hundreds of real butterfly wings. No word on whether the wings helped or hurt the bike’s aerodynamics.Make it yours: While you probably won’t want to risk the wrath of PETA (or track down several hundred butterflies), you can have a plain, unadorned Trek Madone for about $3,500, a fraction of the cost of the butterflied version.
    • $3.4 million Tropical island, gifted to Vanessa Paradis by Johnny DeppHow about a private island to explore—with hiking, swimming and climbing galore? Johnny Depp purchased Little Hall’s Pond Clay as a private family getaway for just over 3 and a half million dollars. Typical island activities abound, from snorkeling to birdwatching, in complete privacy, making this an ideal gift for someone who really wants some quiet time with the family.Make it yours: Plan a visit to a near deserted island, and pack your hiking shoes. You can find island getaways in different parts of the world – visit in the off season for more privacy. Keywords to look for—“private”, secluded and “car-free” all mean you’ll have plenty of time to explore without the crowds. Consider an island like Bald Head, NC –accessible only by ferry, and car-free all year round. You may not encounter another person if you visit in December or January, and can spend time exploring the island’s natural beauty on foot or by trail bike. If traveling to an island doesn’t fit in your budget or schedule this year, you can always try to recreate the feel of a private island escape with the suitable nautical-themed home décor.
    • Mount Everest Climb:It’s the “Everest” of climbs –literally. If you want to scale Mount Everest, you’ll have to fork over between $75k and $100K. This sum gets you up the mountain—if you want to do it in style, you’ll need to spend a bit more. From gear to sherpas, food to paperwork, you’ll pay a fee each step of the way if you want to make the world’s most expensive climb. Some mountaineers have paid the ultimate price to scale Everest—about 8% of those making the climb perish in the attempt.Make it yours: While a hundred thousand dollar Everest trek may not be on your “to do” list this year, you can still tackle a mountain. Look at other famous ranges or those closer to home, that are a little more user friendly. Not only will you spend less, you’ll be less likely to be one of the unlucky 8% as well. To make sure your climber is well-equipped for her adventure, consider these top gift ideas for cilmbers.

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2 Responses to “The 5 Most Extravagant Outdoorsy Gifts”

  1. Save your pennies and someday this kind of gift might be yours to give. How do you wrap an island?

  2. I was just reading about an eco stove this stove can charge your usa attached electronics =) a great gift idea for a camper.

    I’ll never have the cash to purchase the gifts listed above.. but Tony Romo’s speed boat would be nice to ride in!