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best hiking backpack

Best Hiking Backpack

There are many options that are available if you are looking for the best hiking backpack. The market for backpacks is quite competitive, so you need tips to be able to choose the best backpacks to suit your needs. There are a number of things that you will need to keep in mind when shopping […]

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backpacking travel

Five Alternatives to Hostels When Backpacking

Should you be venturing across the world with a backpack in the near future, chances are that you have at least one reservation at a hostel already booked. Hostels have, after all, been a significant staple of the life of a backpacker now for many years. Somewhere along the line however, everyone has gotten it […]

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budget backpacking

5 Tips For Backpacking On A Budget

You have decided to travel the world. You bought the best backpack that money can buy, you made sure that your hiking boots were comfortable, and you have stocked up on freeze dried snacks. Buying a business class ticket instead of flying economy probably sent your budget into a tailspin, but not to worry as […]

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backpacking stove

Stoves for Backpacking Cooking

When you are on a hike, you can consider a stove for backpacking cooking. This will help you to boil water for making tea or coffee, as well as cooking a nice hot meal after a long day out on your trail. Having a stove in your back pack will add to the weight but […]

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photographer on rocks

What Needs to be Packed for Your Backpacking Trip

One day you might have an idea to go backpacking. It is certainly one way to get rid of the stress you deal with everyday; a weekend to unwind and not think of your problems. Backpacking is an easy way to go around, be it for a hike or a quick tour of a city […]

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