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best hiking backpack

Best Hiking Backpack

There are many options that are available if you are looking for the best hiking backpack. The market for backpacks is quite competitive, so you need tips to be able to choose the best backpacks to suit your needs. There are a number of things that you will need to keep in mind when shopping […]

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Italy Mountain Trek

Safe Mountain Trekking

There are many great holiday destinations that have mountains and hills whether you are going to Poland, Italy or Lanzarote. Wherever you go though, it is a great idea to visit the mountains, not only for the sense of exploration or the sense of achievement that comes from reaching the top, but also for the […]

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mountain hike

Things to Do on a Mountain Vacation

Taking a vacation to the mountains can be a great way to relax. The pristine air, the magnificent views—all of this can make your vacation enjoyable. Some people think that vacationing to the mountains is all about tents and log cabins, but there is so much more to do while vacationing in the mountains. Camp […]

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hiking tips for preparation

Do’s and Don’ts of Off-Trail Hiking

 Anyone who has seen the film ‘127 Hours’ or read Aron Ralston’s harrowing account of his fateful trip to Robbers Roost in south east Utah, will know the first rule of hiking off trail….NEVER leave home without telling someone where you’re going. Aron set out to visit the isolated canyon one spring day in 2003, […]

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Gorp Hiking Food

The Best Food for Hiking

Here are some hiking tips for getting the best out of your backpacking or nature trail. When you go hiking you will need to provide your body with constant energy, and there are a number of foods that you can try out. The best food for hiking is gorp, which is a combination of dried […]

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hiking tips famara beach

Mountain Trekking in Lanzarote – Tips and Safety Advice

There are many reasons to travel to Lanzarote. You might choose to visit the island in order to sample the beaches and the surf, you might go there in order to build up your tan and lie around the pool, you might go there to explore and go caving, or you might go there so […]

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dog hiking with leash

Do You Walk Your Dog, or Does He Walk You? 6 Steps to Leash Training

Whether walking a small dog, an energetic puppy who wraps his leash around your ankles, or a dog whose stride is twice your own, all scenarios have their challenges. Regardless of size, weight or energy level, every dog can test his limits on the leash. Claiming your place as the handler is best when established […]

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budget backpacking

5 Tips For Backpacking On A Budget

You have decided to travel the world. You bought the best backpack that money can buy, you made sure that your hiking boots were comfortable, and you have stocked up on freeze dried snacks. Buying a business class ticket instead of flying economy probably sent your budget into a tailspin, but not to worry as […]

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hiking map and compass

How Not to Lose Your Way While Hiking

As the holidays draw near many people have already made plans to get away and relax, to just unwind from the day to day hum drum. The fact is that most people consider an island or beach vacation to be the best form of relaxation, however, with more and more people focusing on staying fit […]

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Best iPhone Apps to Discover Cool Hiking Trails

Best iPhone Apps to Discover Cool Hiking Trails

Do you like to hike? Can you think of a million reasons that making it simpler to find a trail would improve your quality of life? Are you dreaming of being out there walking the mountains as you read this article? It sounds like you are a born hiker, and that you take the activity […]

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