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hiking tips to climb mountains

How to Climb Mountains – Top Tips to Make Sure You Make it Up and Down in One Piece

If you are going to another country with the intention of travelling and exploring rather than just relaxing and being a tourist, then climbing or trekking up a mountain is one of the best ways to do this and to really get an adventure out of your stay. It’s a chance to get some fantastic […]

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camping cooking tips for hiking

Cooking Tips when Camping

One of the most important parts of camping is what you eat. If you are in the outdoors you’ll probably feel that bit hungrier than if you’re at home and enjoying a sedimentary lifestyle. This means that food is very important and the decisions you make regards food are very much a significant part of […]

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mosquito bite

Insect Repellent – What You Need To Know

Nothing can disturb your pleasure of the great outdoors more than being pestered by myriads of mosquitos and other flying nasties. Not only is it unpleasant being bitten by these insects, the range of diseases carried by flying insects and ticks can include (depending upon the location you are travelling in) various internal organ damaging […]

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hiking pants and shoes on a summit

What You Should Look for in Men’s Hiking Pants

One of the most important things that you have to prepare when going on a trekking or camping trip is your clothing. Before, most of the people who liked this activity went around with a pair of jeans, a shirt and regular boots. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these. However, with the advancements in […]

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benefits of hiking

Remarkable Benefits of Hiking

Hiking or trekking is an outdoor activity that is becoming more and more popular. There are several reasons why people like to engage in this activity. However, one of the most notable motivations for hiking is it numerous advantages in terms of health. Here are several benefits of hiking: Trekking as a Great Exercise Everyone […]

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