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Top 5 Highland Haunts for Walkers

Walking holidays are extremely popular in Scotland, and it’s not hard to see why. The landscapes are the most picturesque you will ever see, and the heritage and history just adds to the wonder and mystique of the place. When you’re planning to visit Scotland and explore its beauty, you should aim for the Highlands. […]

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camping cooking tips for hiking

Cooking Tips when Camping

One of the most important parts of camping is what you eat. If you are in the outdoors you’ll probably feel that bit hungrier than if you’re at home and enjoying a sedimentary lifestyle. This means that food is very important and the decisions you make regards food are very much a significant part of […]

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walking essentials

Walking Essentials

There’s nothing as freeing as walking, hiking or trekking, or whatever you want to call it. Getting out to the great outdoors and making the most of the natural beauty around us can really be a refreshing and exciting thing to do. However, for those of us who like to engage in more rigorous activities […]

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Five Great Romantic Walks in Europe

There are some walks that transport you back in time and make you feel glad to be alive. Places that are untouched by industry and have a natural beauty that finds its way into your heart and engraves its memory into it forever. Europe is full of these walks, with its natural beauty and charm. […]

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photographer on rocks

What Needs to be Packed for Your Backpacking Trip

One day you might have an idea to go backpacking. It is certainly one way to get rid of the stress you deal with everyday; a weekend to unwind and not think of your problems. Backpacking is an easy way to go around, be it for a hike or a quick tour of a city […]

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